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What is Core Aeration?

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What is Core Aeration and how can it help your lawn?

Core Aeration is a process of punching holes into the soil allowing air & water to send nutrients to the roots of grass. Why do roots need nutrients? Its the same as us taking vitamins, grass roots need nutrients to makes the roots stronger and healthier providing you with a healthy lawn. We also aerate to help with soil compaction. Soil compaction is a process in which the soil compacts too much not allowing the roots to breathe. It also prevents certain nutrients getting to the roots. When should you aerate your lawn? Typically during growing season.

Our aeration and seeding service is second to none. It begins with proper seed selection. Each August our Company Leaders spend time at NC State University selecting our fescue seed from the years of testing that they have done on over 150 different fescue seeds. This information ensures that we select a grass blend that is the most heat tolerant, has a great dark green color, is very disease resistant, and one that will grow well in our climate. We core aerate each lawn so that we can relieve compaction and prepare the turf for more nutrients, water, and air to penetrate the soil. This will allow the new seed and the existing turf to develop a deeper root system. In addition to our core aeration we also rototill any bare areas so that new seed can establish in those hard, compacted areas of the lawn. All turf areas are fertilized with a nutrient that encourages root development so that our new seed is given a great chance to succeed and thrive in our hot humid summers.

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