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Weed control treatments offered to properties in and around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC.

Our weed control services include pre and post-emergent treatments, giving your lawn the ultimate protection.

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You spend your precious time and energy caring for your lawn and making sure it is prepared to grow strong, lush, and green. So when weeds suddenly pop up in your gardens or throughout your grass, it can be extremely frustrating. That's why we offer weed control treatments so that you don't have to think twice about them and you can get back to enjoying the lawn you work so hard on.

Just like your grass and other vegetation thrives from the sunlight, water, and nutrients in your soil, so do pesky weeds. Getting rid of them quickly will ensure that they don't spend any more time stealing essential nutrients from your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Our weed control service includes pre and post-emergent treatments and is best paired with our comprehensive fertilization program. If your home or business is located in or around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, or Belmont, NC, we want to help eradicate your weed problem! We also offer our services to South Carolina cities including Fort Mill.

What are pre and post-emergent weed control treatments?

The type of treatment that we use on your lawn depends on if you see the weeds already growing in your lawn or not. We use a preventative, or "pre-emergent," treatment on your lawn if you don't yet see the weeds growing but want to stop them before they do. Pre-emergent weed applications prevent germinated weed seeds from establishing themselves any further in your soil, stopping the growth process in its tracks. On the other hand, if you DO see the actual weeds on your lawn, you will need a post-emergent weed control treatment to take care of them. This application will kill the weed and ensure that it does not grow back.

How does the weed control process work?

Signing up for our weed control services means protection year-round. Whether you have cool or warm-season grass, we know exactly what your lawn needs to get rid of those pesky weeds. Below is an outline of the weed control program schedule for both types of grasses. To give your lawn the ultimate protection and the nutrients it needs to grow thick, strong, and lush, we often pair our weed control program with our fertilization program.

Cool-Season Grasses

  • January - March: We blanket spray your lawn twice to clear out your present weeds. Broadleaf weeds are common around this time. We also apply a pre-emergent treatment to control crabgrass and other summer weeds.
  • April - May: We apply another round of pre-emergent. After March, we stop blanket sprays for weeds and will only apply post-emergent spot treatments.
  • June - August: At this time of the year, the best weed control is a healthy turf. With proper mowing and consistent watering, your weeds will be kept at bay. Our applications during this time include post-emergent spot treatments to tackle any existing weeds.
  • September - December: No weed control or prevention can happen on your cool-season turf at this time. Instead, we focus on fertilization and aeration services.

Warm-Season Grasses

  • January - March: We spot treat for any weeds that may have broken through the fall pre-emergents. We will also apply a pre-emergent at this time to control crabgrass.
  • April - May: We apply another round of pre-emergent and spot treat for any present weeds.
  • June - August: Just like for cool-season grasses, this is the time of the year where a healthy lawn is the best weed control. Use proper mowing tactics and water your lawn. Our crew will use post-emergents to spot treat your lawn at this time.
  • September - December: Your grass will go dormant due to cooler temperatures. We slow the fertilization at this time and focus on winter weeds like annual bluegrass. We will apply a pre-emergent treatment twice and spot-spray any that break through.

In between crew visits, we offer free post-emergent touchups for your extra stubborn weeds.

What are the common weed types in our area?

Some common North Carolina and South Carolina weed types include:

  • Annual bluegrass
  • Annual ryegrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Broadleaf weeds
  • Crabgrass

Our crew has 25 years of experience dealing with the common weeds in our area. You can trust us to know exactly the type of weed you are dealing with and how to get rid of them. Some additional common weeds in our area include bermudagrass, wiregrass, and dallisgrass. Because these specific weed types are more aggressive than the other types, we do require an additional charge to eradicate them.

Don't let your weeds take over. Call us!

A healthy lawn with a bed of sunflowers in Charlotte, NC.

Let us help you eliminate your weed problem and nurse your lawn back to health with our weed control and fertilization programs. Our company has 25 years of experience in the lawn care industry and can back up our programs with the proper knowledge, training, and licenses. You can trust our team to get the job done so that you can spend your time doing more important things than thinking about your lawn.

Our weed control and fertilization services are offered to communities in and around Charlotte, including Mt. Holly, Belmont and even South Carolina cities such as Fort Mill. To get more information about our services and to receive a quote, call our office today at (704) 822-1625.