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Tree & Shrub Program for Properties in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, Belmont, NC, & Neighboring Communities

Maintain the health and appearance of your landscape plants with routine fertilization, insect control, and disease prevention and curative services.

Neatly trimmed bushes in a landscape bed by a home in Gastonia, NC.

Landscape trees and shrubs often get left behind when it comes to routine care and health improvements. These plants shouldn't be overlooked because they are living investments that accumulate value over time. Treatments like fertilization and preventative disease measures ensure your landscape plants are getting the proper amount of nutrients and allow them to become less susceptible to common diseases. Our 4-step tree and shrub care program includes all of the essential services including fertilization, insect control, and disease prevention. We'll make sure your plant is healthy from its roots to its leaves!

When you choose us to take care of your trees and shrubs, you can be sure that they're being left in good hands. Our company specializes in the care and treatments of lawns and landscape plants. If you're looking for a comprehensive health program for your trees and shrubs in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, NC or Fort Mill, SC, contact us to learn more about how our team can help!

Our 4-step tree and shrub care program runs from February till end of the year.

We take care of your trees and shrubs all year long by visiting your property 4 times a year to diagnose and treat any issues we may find. The program begins in February and runs throughout the rest of the year, targeting fertilization, disease, and insects. When applying fertilization treatments, our team will either use a deep-root feeding or a root-zone feeding, depending on the size of the tree or shrub. These treatments are designed to help shrubs and ornamental trees reach a higher level of health for the growing season. If your plants happen to become diseased or infected, we can treat them in-between visits for an additional charge.

From ongoing training and education, we've learned that some insects are actually beneficial to a tree while others are harmful which is why we don't blanket target all insects. We only remove insects that are damaging to plant health like Japanese beetles, lace bugs, and emerald ash borers. Our solution involves using horticultural oil which is a natural insect repellant. All of these treatments combined will give your trees and shrubs maximum protection year-round.

With an education in horticulture backing our team, we're aware of critical elements like the signs of disease and which insects are harmful or beneficial to a specific tree or shrub.

Common Tree & Shrub Diseases

Diseased leaves featuring dark spots on a tree near a home in Belmont, NC.

  • Powdery Mildew - Caused by extreme fungal growth, this disease leaves a circular, dusty gray-white coating on tree leaves and other tree surfaces. The infected areas begin small then slowly expand, causing infected plants to turn yellow or blacken as the disease worsens.
  • Leaf Spot - Most active in hot and humid weather conditions, leaf spot first appears as water-soaked spots and slowly develops into a reddish-brown to black color with a somewhat circular shape. The cause of this disease is rampant bacteria.
  • Phytophthora Root Rot - This is one of the most detrimental diseases to trees and shrubs because it attacks their foundation. It's most active when soil temperature and moisture increase. Some of the symptoms of diseased roots include a reduction in leaf size, thinning of the crown, and dying twigs and branches.

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Our goal is to improve the health and resilience of your trees and shrubs. We utilize solutions and treatments that are proven to help plants remain healthy and maintain a shiny, green color throughout the growing season. Invest in your landscape plants by calling (704) 822-1625 to enroll in our tree and shrub care program! We offer our services to properties in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, Belmont, NC, and some cities in South Carolina, including Fort Mill.