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We offer overseeding services for your property in or around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC.

Our company uses highly-tested seed blends for the best overseeding results.

A healthy lawn in front of a home in Fort Mill, SC

After a few hot summer months, your lawn will typically show you signs that it needs a little boost of TLC. Thin grass and weak blades are typical signs that your lawn needs more nutrients and grass seed to get back to its lush, strong, and bright green look that it had before the heat rolled in. Our overseeding service takes those weak, balding spots in your yard and turns them into lush, full grass. We use highly-tested and ranked seeds to give you the best results possible.

Overseeding is the answer that your lawn is looking for after that summer heat. Paired with our cool turf aeration program, it will not only give your lawn what it needs to recover from summer, but it will also help your grass roots and soil prepare for the cooler months ahead. Once we treat your lawn, we will advise you on exactly how your lawn should be maintained to get the best results. We offer our these services to communities in and around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, North Carolina. Our crew will also service nearby South Carolina locations including Fort Mill.

We pair overseeding with core aeration and starter fertilizer.

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed throughout your existing lawn. The idea is that these seeds will reach your soil, germinate, and fill in your bare lawn spots with lush grass. Although overseeding does wonders on its own, our company pairs our overseeding service with core aeration and starter fertilizer to ensure that you get the most out of the grass seeds. We call this program our cool turf aeration program.

What comes with our cool turf aeration program?

  • Core aeration: Core aeration is the process of poking holes throughout your lawn and removing cores of soil. This gives your grass roots much better access to water, sunlight, and essential nutrients. Our company also offers liquid aeration but this service is only offered in the spring.
  • Starter fertilizer: Starter fertilizer is used to give grass seeds what they need to germinate and develop root systems.
  • Overseeding: As mentioned above, overseeding is the process of spreading seeds throughout your existing lawn. Combined with both aeration and starter fertilizer, the seeds we spread throughout your lawn are in the perfect environment to thrive because of the direct access to the soil.

Our seeds are second to none!

We take great pride in the seeds we use to spread throughout your lawn. NC state runs a turf trial and tests all manufacturer's seeds for a variety of colors, disease resistance, drought resistance, and more. Then, they output a report with all of this information and we choose our seeds from this list. Typically, it is a three-way fescue seed blend that we choose to use on our clients' lawns. You cannot find these highly-tested seeds in stores, making them second to none!

We overseeded your lawn - now what?

So, what are the next steps after our crew leaves your property? Limiting the foot traffic on your lawn and maintaining a watering schedule will help the seed germination process tremendously. It is best to stay off of your lawn for about 3 weeks while the seeds germinate and grow roots. As for your watering schedule, best practices are as follows:

  • Four to five weeks following the overseeding service, you'll want to make sure that your soil is definitely getting enough water. This means more water at less frequent intervals. Soak your soil about two or three inches deep to encourage deeper root development.
  • Five to nine weeks following the overseeding service, you will want to make sure your lawn is getting two inches of water per week. Even if your grass looks green, it will take some time for the root system to mature.

Is your lawn looking a little drab? Call us!

Our team has prided itself on our lawn care services since 1996 - you can trust us to know exactly what your lawn needs in order to grow strong, lush, and bright green. If your lawn is looking like it needs some TLC after the warm summer months, call us at (704) 822-1625 to request a quote. We service properties in and around Charlotte including Mt. Holly, Belmont, and some South Carolina locations such as Fort Mill.