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We Offer Lawn Seeding Services for Properties Located in & Around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC

Our company tailors our services to meet the needs of your individual lawn. Warm and cool-season lawns require different maintenance schedules.

Our landscaper spreading grass seeds in York, SC.

Whether your lawn is less than perfect or you're staring at bare dirt after a large construction project, we can help you get your lawn to healthy, lush, and green conditions. Our seeding services are second to none because we use premium seeds that have been tested and ranked by NC State. We pride ourselves on these seed blends!

The lawns in our area are trickier than you might think. Because we have both cool and warm-season grass types, we offer different maintenance schedules depending on which one you have. Cool and warm-season grasses thrive in different types of weather and require different care, which is why it is so important to consult a professional when growing your new lawn.

Our new lawn seeding services are offered to properties in nearby North Carolina cities such as Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, as well as a few South Carolina cities including Fort Mill.

Our Seed Blends Are Highly-Tested by NC State

Each year, NC State releases a report stating the results they found from testing many kinds of seeds. These seeds are tested for color, disease-resistance, drought-resistance, and a number of other factors to determine their quality. Then, NC State releases this list and we pick from it. We always use a blend of the highest quality seeds that you are unable to find at your home renovation store down the road. You can put your trust in us to seed your lawn with the best blend of the year.

Warm-Season Grass Seed Maintenance Plan

Young grass growing on a lawn in My. Holly, NC.

No matter when you plant your grass seed, it takes patience for your lawn to go from dirt to healthy, green grass. This is why our company uses a year-long maintenance plan that varies depending on the type of grass seed you are planting.

Warm-season grasses need to be planted in the spring and early summer when the weather is warmer. To prepare your lawn for warm-season seeds, our crew will need two visits prior to planting in order to spray and kill your existing weeds. Then, we will come and dethatch, aerate, seed, and fertilize.

Warm-season grass seed maintenance plan schedule:

  • April through June - This is the most ideal time period to plant your warm-season seeds. During these months, we will manage your existing weeds with our post-emergent applications and we will feed your turf.
  • July through mid-September - We will continue to focus on killing existing weeds with our post-emergent products. We will also feed your turf through the warmer months to ensure that your grass roots stay nourished.
  • Mid-September through December - Your warm-season turf begins to go dormant for the colder months ahead and grass growth slows down. We will feed your turf with nutrients to survive the cooler temperatures and we will also apply 2 rounds of pre-emergents to keep the winter weeds away.
  • January through March - Our crew comes back in with both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

Cool-Season Grass Seed Maintenance Plan

Fluffy, thick grass growing on a lawn in Mt. Holly, NC.

On the opposite side of warm-season grass seeds, cool-season grass needs cooler weather to thrive. This means that fall is the perfect time to plant these seeds. Instead of killing the weeds first, however, our team will plant your cool-season seeds over the weeds and wait to do weed control until springtime. This is because weeds are extremely hard to manage during winter due to cooler temperatures so it is best to just wait until we can manage them when spring rolls around.

Cool-season grass seed maintenance plan schedule:

  • Mid-September through December - We will plant your seeds and develop new turf plants. As mentioned above, no weed control can occur during this time.
  • January through March - We focus on managing your weeds and adding pre-emergents to protect against summer weeds such as crabgrass. During this time, we also apply high rates of fertilizer so your turf can survive the hot summer weather.
  • April through June - We continue to focus on managing weeds and feeding your turf to help nourish it throughout the summer.
  • June through mid-September - More post-emergent weed control products are added during this time. We feed your turf to develop strong roots so that it is able to thrive in fall temperatures.

Looking to grow a new lawn with our seeding services? Call us!

We want to help you transform your lawn from dirt to healthy, green grass. With over 20 years of experience in the Greater Charlotte area, we know exactly how and when to seed your lawn depending on if your lawn thrives best in the cooler or warmer weather.

We offer our services in and around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC as well as a few nearby SC locations such as Fort Mill. If your property is in or near these areas, give our office a call at (704) 822-1625 to schedule a consultation with one of our experts!