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Landscape Mulch Installation

Landscape Mulch Installation Services

Most homeowners struggle with several landscaping concerns all at once. More often than not, they have weeds, pests, and reduced plant nutrition to contend with, which could cost a small fortune to treat yourself.

However, there is one method of lawn care that can take care of all these items and more with a straightforward application. By professionally installing landscaping mulch, you can enhance your plants’ nutrition while defending against bugs, weeds, and dehydration.

The team at RDS Lawn Care Services provides quality landscaping mulch for less. We only use the best organic mulching we can find, providing your yards with the best care possible each time.

No matter what it is your grass and plants struggle with, the right mulch can solve it fast. Contact us to give your lawns the best care possible today.

Landscaping Mulch Application

Although there are many mulch brands available to purchase, most are ineffective due to sitting on the shelf for too long. And if you don’t start out with a better quality of wood chippings, it might not accomplish as much as you had hoped that it would.

Instead, we rely on a higher quality of product and a better installation team that leaves your yard protected, nourished, and looking its best. Mulching will both preserve a plant’s root system, as well as slowly releases nutrients into the soil as the chips begin decomposing.

Your best mulch application is safe, natural, and free of chemicals and toxins. That means never needing to worry about poisoning grass or the groundwater, but enjoying healthier lawns quickly.

When you need the best quality of mulch offered at lower pricing, you need us working for your plants now. Contact us to give all your plants the best maintenance possible today.

Why Mulching Service?

Those who have never used mulch before might not fully understand its benefits. Some homeowner may think of it as purely decorative, making it difficult to hire.

However, it does more than enhance the overall appearance of your grass and flower beds. Mulching is a safe application that shields roots from extreme temperatures, allowing them an easier chance to grow all year long.

The dense wood chippings also make it a hassle for weeds to spring up. Most weeds living in your yard remain too frail to push through mounds of wood chippings, preventing them from taking necessary resources away from your lawn.

Mulch also makes life difficult for pests who live around plants, most of which eat your favorite flowers and shrubs. When you have expert mulch applications, however, it only leads to months of enhanced growing conditions that lasts.

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