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Our company provides lawn care services for homes and businesses located in the McAdenville, NC area.

Fertilization, weed control, lawn disease control, and holiday lighting are just a few of our top-rated services.

McAdenville, North Carolina is a small town located in Gaston County. With only about 865 residents, we truly mean small! However, McAdenville has made itself known as Christmas Town USA. Its grand display of holiday lights brings the community together every single year to enjoy the cheery sight.

Our company is proud to serve such a tight-knit community like McAdenville. If your home or business is located in the area, we can provide top-rated services for your lawn including fertilization, weed control, lawn disease control, and, yes, even holiday lighting!

Our Core Lawn Care Services

A home in McAdenville, North Carolina with regular lawn services.

Year-round lawn care services are crucial and will keep your grass lush, thick, and green throughout the changing seasons. We offer programs like our 7-step fertilization program and our weed control treatments that include multiple visits per year from our crew. You can count on our experts to feed your grass the nutrients it needs while protecting it from pesky weeds.

Along with enrolling in fertilization and weed control programs, we highly encourage our customers to schedule annual aeration and overseeding services. Aeration will loosen up your compacted soil and allow for a better flow of nutrients, water, and sunlight. With aeration, your roots will get exactly what they need to grow deep and strong. For our overseeding service, our company uses seeds that have been extensively tested by NC State for color, drought resistance, and disease resistance. Fill in your patchy bare spots with the best seeds available in North Carolina. Overseeding is best done directly after aeration for the best results.

Protect Your Lawn from Diseases & Insect Infestations

A chinch bug in a lawn needing pest control services in McAdenville, NC.

Every lawn is susceptible to disease. Fortunately, our company has created a 3-step fungicide program for Brown Patch, the most common lawn disease in the McAdenville area. With this program, we can prevent and cure the damage that Brown Patch creates. In addition to this, we also prevent and treat other common diseases such as fairy ring, copper spot, and large patch.

Insect infestations are also a common issue that all property owners face at some point or another. Grubs, armyworms, and chinch bugs are just a few of the most common lawn insects in the McAdenville area. That is why our company has created preventative and curative treatment services so that we can help protect the lawns in our community. We also provide a separate service for mosquito control to rid your property of those pesky and dangerous insects.

We also offer tree and shrub care, lawn seeding, and holiday lighting services.

A lot of lawn care companies don't include your trees and shrubs in their services, but we do. Our staff is fully trained and certified to handle big vegetation like trees and shrubs to fertilize them and protect them from diseases and insects. We offer a program that includes 4 visits from our team. During each visit, we will fertilize your trees and shrubs as well as use our horticulture oils to create a natural deterrent for insects. Additionally, we will keep our expert eyes on any signs that point to a specific disease.

Our company also offers our lawn seeding service to grow your new lawn from scratch. If you just recently renovated your landscape or you inherited a less-than-stellar lawn, it might be time to grow a new lawn. Just like for our overseeding service, we will use the best-ranked seeds in North Carolina according to the many tests run by NC State.

What is Christmas Town USA without hanging your holiday lights? Let us help you take the cake this year with your holiday lighting display. We will customize your holiday lights to your liking, whether you love the multi-colored lights or you're more of a sleek, white light kind of person. Not only will we design and install the twinkling delights, but our crew will return after the holidays to take down your lights and store them for you until next year.

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