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Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance in Pineville, NC

Outstanding Lawn Care in Pineville, NC

Dreaming of that impeccably manicured lawn that goes so well with a white picket fence, a Golden Retriever, and a beautiful, happy family? If you live in Pineville, NC, you’ve come to the right place. RDS Lawn Care can help you turn that dream into a reality today!

Lawn Care in Pineville, NC

The fertilization & weed control process implemented by RDS Lawn Care, for our customers in Pineville, NC, as well as elsewhere in North and South Carolina, takes into account the particularities of the weather, climate, and soil. We know what the soil in this area lacks and we are well aware of what needs to be done in order to nurture it and make it richer and more nutritious for your turf.

We are also aware of the safest and most wholesome methods and substances required, in order to keep those pesky weeds and pests at bay. Throughout the years, we have noticed that the best species of grass for North and South Carolina are Bermuda, fescue, and zoysia. We mainly use these grasses when seeding, over-seeding to cover up bare patches on clients’ lawns, as well as to reseed previously seeded areas.

Our fertilization procedure starts in June and lasts until September. It is based on organic fertilizers with a slow release mechanism, which will keep your soil nourished throughout the best season in which grass grows.

In the meantime, as the blades of grass grow roots and develop, we can call on your property for the occasional weed control and maintenance visit. From September to November, while the seeds germinate, we will not do any weeding, as we need to let the grass develop at its own pace.

A vibrant, green lawn is a dream come true, but a real garden benefits by the lush shade and crowns of trees. This is why RDS Lawn Care recommends that clients in Pineville, NC, call on our Tree Service partners, for comprehensive maintenance and trimming. Trees might seem sturdy and dependable, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t require proper care, in order to ward off disease, fungi, and pests.

Pineville, NC Lawn Care

Has your lawn gone ‘bald’ in certain areas? We’ll come over to Pineville, NC, to do some Reseeding for you. Does the soil look clumped up and matted? You might be in need for some aeration, which is best done in early spring, when the soil is easy to work with, and the plants are getting ready to germinate again.

RDS Lawn Care is right here to take care of you. All you need to do is call or contact us via phone or our online form. We don’t force our clients into signing contracts, so you can cancel or drop out whenever you want to. What’s more, we practice a 100% satisfaction guarantee: we will issue full refunds to clients who are not entirely happy with our work!

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