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Mount Holly Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance in Mount Holly, NC

Dependable Lawn Care in Mount Holly, NC

Some lawn care contractors claim professionalism, but only manage to create trouble. They have the client sign up for treatments and lawn care services they don’t need, or determine their clients to work with half a dozen other contractor teams, allegedly in order to get the best type of treatment. We, at RDS Lawn Care, are different.

We understand that no two clients in Mount Holly, NC, or elsewhere in North and South Carolina, are the same. That’s why we treat each client request with the proper care and attention it deserves. Need a full-service treatment, the year round? RDS Lawn Care can do that for you.

We value nothing more than the satisfaction of our clients and we have built our reputation as a dependable lawn care provider in North and South Carolina on the cornerstone of these two principles. Simply ask for reference from one of our previous clients: they will give you the truth and nothing but the truth and help you make sure you are taking the right decision in working with us.

Mount Holly, NC Lawn Care

Our main focus is lawn maintenance & service. We want to make sure your lawn is manicured beautifully and is green and weed free. The best way to contact us is to give us a call today, or send in a completed contact form via our website.

One of our representatives will be around to answer your inquiry in the shortest time possible. Only after you agree on the lawn care plan and pricing will you start receiving lawn care visits from our technicians. And, at the end, if you’re not fully happy with their work, we will offer you a full refund!

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