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Gastonia Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance in Gastonia, NC

Lawn Care in Gastonia, NC

Anyone can take care of a lawn, right? All you need to do is drive down to the hardware store, buy some tools, a lawn mower, some fertilizer, and you’re set. Right?

Wrong. All of the above can seriously drive up your expenses and if you’re not trained in lawn care, the odds of ending up buying the wrong seeds, substances, or tools run high. So, if you live in Gastonia, NC, and are dreaming of that perfectly manicured lawn, why not give RDS Lawn Care a call today? We will truly make lawn care easy for you, because you won’t have to move a finger. All you need to do is tell our representatives what needs to be done and our technicians will get right down to business and do it for you!

If you live in Gastonia, NC, and think your lawn is damaged beyond repair, simply give us at RDS Lawn Care a call and we’ll convince you of the contrary. Lawn service is our main field of expertise and there are no nooks and crannies that our team would deem inaccessible. We will trim, edge, and cut the grass around your driveway, alley, patio, or sidewalks.

Fertilization, Weed Control & Maintenance

We are professionals – not just because all our staff are fully uniformed, or because we operate our in-house fleet of trucks. We believe in educating our professionals to truly appreciate and understand lawn care, which is why none of our staff is allowed to visit clients in Gastonia, NC, before they have been trained and re-trained in the most up-to-date lawn maintenance techniques available out there.

The RDS Lawn Care approach to business is firmly founded on client satisfaction. Over the years in which we have been active in the North and South Carolina lawn care business, we have learned more about the area than its climatic or soil particularities. We have come to understand that the best form of publicity is word-of-mouth. It’s honest, it’s free, and it cannot be bought.

As such, we will offer our clients a full refund, should they be anything but perfectly happy with our services. After first contacting us, we will also schedule a free consultation, after which you also receive a pricing estimate: you will know what you’re paying for and you won’t have to pay for anything at all, unless you’re entirely happy!

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