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Belmont Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance in Belmont, NC

Beautiful Lawn Care in Belmont, NC

Belmont, North Carolina, definitely has its particularities, when it comes to lawn care and lawn maintenance and perhaps no other company in the industry understands this better than RDS Lawn Care. We have been active in North and South Carolina for long enough to grow into a respectable company, with an ever-expanding roster of clients, both private and corporate. We believe it is through sheer professionalism that we came to be on top of our game. For us, no other form of advertising speaks more eloquently about a business than a happy customer, which is why we treat our clients with respect and provide the same dedication to their lawns as we would to our own.


Lawn Care Belmont, NC

Before you decide whether or not you like the way we do our job, you need to see our workers in action, though. The crews will beautifully stripe your lawn when they mow and mow at a height that is healthy for the lawn. We will make sure to leave the place spotless, by blowing off shorn grass, dead leaves and other items that come up during lawn maintenance, before we leave.


Belmont, NC Lawn Care

Think your lawn is damaged beyond repair? Give us a call and we will convince you of the contrary. Lawn service is our main field of expertise. We specialize in fertilization and weed control. Our technicians are uniformed, easy to recognize, and will not come to your property before they have been trained and retrained.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Lawn maintenance might sound like an easy job to do, but it’s simple enough to wreck a perfectly beautiful, emerald green lawn, by cutting off the grass with improper tools or techniques.

There are no contracts with us, so you can choose to cancel your lawn mowing plan whenever you need to. What’s more, the RDS Lawn Care website also has a client section, in which you can track your order history and see just how much time our technicians have spent on your property. With us, everything is upfront and transparent and, at the end of the day, you only pay for what you need and demand.

Call RDS Lawn Care in Belmont, NC, today. One of our operators is available to take your query 24/7 and you will receive a free estimate, as part of your experience of working with us. We are looking forward to receiving your call and promise you will never need to hire another lawn care company again. Just call on us and you’ll see for yourself!

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