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Professional Holiday Lighting & Decorating Services in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, Belmont, NC, & Nearby Communities

We can create a custom lighting and decorating design for you or hang your LED lights in a more traditional pattern for the holidays!

A white house decorated with holiday lighting in Charlotte, NC.

Who doesn't enjoy riding down their block during the holidays and seeing the fantastic holiday lighting and decorations of their neighbors? Join in on the fun and let us professionally install your lights and decorations this year! It's truly a win-win. You'll gain a festive home for the holidays while saving a large chunk of time that can be spent with your family and loved ones. Trying to hang holiday lights by yourself is a hassle and can become frustrating very quickly. Not only that, using a ladder in the cold and wet season of winter can be dangerous.

Forget about trying to untangle your outdated lights that have accumulated countless knots over time. Instead, use our energy-efficient LED lights and let us create a spectacular holiday display for all to see! We can create a custom design for you or do a more simple, traditional look. If you have a home in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, Belmont, NC or Fort Mill, SC, let our company install your lights this holiday season!

Popular Holiday Lighting & Decoration Designs We Install

We can create a custom lighting and decorating design that you may already have in mind or design a simple, traditional lighting pattern for you. Take a look at these popular holiday lighting and decoration elements and designs.

  • Design Your Roof: If you're planning on going all out this year, covering your entire roof with strings of lights and a rooftop reindeer is an extravagant way to decorate for the holidays. However, if you'd like a simpler look, we can just trim the roof with lights for a nice and neat look. We can even wrap the chimney for you!
  • Incorporate Greenery: A traditional way to kick-start the holiday season includes perking up your porch and front doors with decorative greenery. The most popular options are wreaths, mini Christmas trees, and vining with lights.
  • Light Up Your Entire Landscape: Besides the exterior of your house, other elements in your landscape like bushes and trees should be apart of the festive fun! Stringing your plants with colorful or white lights is a perfect way to give your landscape a complete holiday look.

Professional holiday lighting will keep your property's curb appeal on a superior level during the winter season!

Hiring a professional holiday lighting company saves you time and energy.

Installing lighting around your home and landscape is a meticulous and potentially dangerous job. Our professional installers are highly trained and experienced in this area and utilize certain techniques to safely and quickly decorate your property. We are aware of lighting systems that may be outdated and carry a short shelf-life, that's why we use energy-efficient LED lights that don't have to be thrown out every year and will last for many holidays to come.

You may see a holiday design that you want for your house but can't seem to make it fit your unique property's architecture and landscape design. Our team can consult with you and tweak that design to seamlessly blend with your landscape and perfectly accent the exterior of your home. After so much fun and joy with family and friends, no one wants to think about the tiresome task of taking down the lights and decorations. Leave it to us, we'll professionally take down your lights and store them for you!

Contact us to professionally install your lighting and decorations this holiday season!

A white home decorated with holiday lighting in Charlotte, NC.

Let us bring your holiday vision to life with our professional lighting and decorating services. Our technicians are trained to install these elements in a safe and efficient manner so that you can enjoy the holidays with a brightly-lit and decorated landscape this holiday season! We offer our services to properties in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Gastonia, NC, as well as Fort Mill, SC. Give us a call at (704) 822-1625 to schedule a service today!