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Professional Lawn Care Services in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Trust us to take care of fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, and other essential lawn care services. We've served homes and businesses in Fort Mill since 1996!

A quaint suburb in York County, Fort Mill is located just south of the North Carolina state line. It was officially established in 1872 by the British who had built a fort there near a grist mill during the colonial-era, hence the name. Fast forward to the present day, the town now has over 10,000 residents and growing! Fort Mill is the perfect place to experience southern charm while also enjoying the attractions and outings of a bustling city. If you're planning on visiting this historic town, make your trip during the infamous Fiddle n' Pig Shindig Annual BBQ & Bluegrass Festival or the Underexposed film festival. For those who are already enjoying this town's southern comforts, be sure to visit the beautiful Anne Springs Close Greenway and the finger-licking restaurant The Improper Pig.

The great outdoors is a big deal to the residents in Fort Mill because they spend a lot of their free time biking, fishing, and walking along the many park trails. So as a community, we strive to keep the landscapes as healthy and beautiful as possible. For over 20 years, our company has helped thousands of residents cultivate green, lush lawns with our professional lawn care services. If you own a home or business in Fort Mill, SC, you can trust us to do the same for you!

Our Essential Lawn Care Services

We offer a 7-step, organic-based fertilization treatment. A liquid treatment is applied during the warmer months, while granular fertilizer is applied during the cooler months. By giving your lawn 7 treatments a year, you're setting it up for maximum growth!

Your lawn's nemesis will always be weeds. They suck up all of the essential nutrients from your grass and cause it to die out. Our weed control works fast against common weeds such as nutsedge, chickweed, annual bluegrass, and finger grass.

We recommend aerating your lawn at least once a year. Our aeration services include a liquid treatment in the spring and a core aeration in the fall. Warm-season grass should be aerated in the spring while cool-season grass should be aerated bi-annually.

Overseeding is always much more effective when paired with an aeration service because the root system is already exposed which expedites the seed germination process. We offer a premium fescue seed blend for overseeding services.

Besides improving the health of your lawn, you have to protect your grass against harmful lawn diseases and insects that feed off your grass, its nutrients, and roots systems. We offer a 3-step treatment program for diseases, fungus, and insects.

The trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property need proper care and maintenance to remain healthy as well. Our tree and shrub care target harmful diseases and insects while also improving their growth with fertilization treatments.

Mosquito Control - The last thing you want to deal with while enjoying a nice, sunny day outside is mosquitos. Our mosquito control program includes 6 visits per year and is applied every 6 weeks for maximum protection.

Keep your lawn healthy and green all year long with our effective lawn care services.

We guarantee that you'll always be satisfied with our lawn care services! When you choose us to take care of your lawn, you can be sure that you're getting exceptional customer service and top-notch results. If you own a home or business in Fort Mill, SC, give us a call at (704) 822-1625 to enroll in our lawn care program today!