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Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive with our highly effective 7-step fertilization program.

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All lawns need some extra TLC every once in a while. Fertilization is the best way to give your grass the specific nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong. Every lawn needs certain amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, depending on the type of grass you have. Our local lawns in and around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC can either be warm or cool-season grasses. Once we determine the type you have, we can then schedule the right 7-step fertilization program that will work best on your lawn. To upgrade this service, you can also add our aeration and overseeding services to give your lawn an extra boost.

Our 7-Step Fertilization Treatment Program

Our fertilization program is not just a one-and-done service. We see your lawn through the entire year with a 7-step program, meaning our crew will visit your property 7 different times. Our treatment schedule will vary, depending on the type of grass you have.

  • In the spring, we focus on what your grass needs to prepare for the heat of summer. Both cool-season and warm-season grass types will be coming out of winter dormancy at this time, so feeding your lawn some extra nutrients will give it a much-needed boost.
  • During the summertime, cool-season grass will need a little bit of extra attention to help it survive the heat. Meanwhile, warm-season grass types thrive during the summer.
  • In the fall, we will feed your lawn so that it has the strength to prepare for the winter months ahead. Warm-season grass types need extra TLC in the fall while cool-season grass types are at their strongest!

No matter the fertilization program we choose for you, our crew will always use liquid fertilizer in the cooler months and granular fertilizer in the warmer months. We use liquid for 4 out of our 7 treatments. This is a concentration of nutrients and is fast-absorbing. Our granular fertilizer is used for the other 3 treatments. This is also known as "solid fertilizer" or dry pellets. We scatter these pellets onto your lawn for a slow-release effect to feed your lawn and plants.

We offer free weed control touchups in between visits!

Cool-Season Grass vs Warm-Season Grass

Our very first step is determining the type of grass your lawn has. Our customers have both warm and cool-season grass, so we are prepared to care for both types. If the grass-type is unknown before fertilization begins, it's possible that the treatment could do more harm than good.

  • Cool-Season Grass: Fescue Turf is a type of cool-season grass that is predominantly in the Charlotte region. It thrives from September to May and has a hard time growing in June, July, and August because of the summer heat. This means that it needs extra TLC in the summer so that it doesn't die out.
  • Warm-Season Grass: Bermuda and Zoysia are the two warm-season types of grass that do well in the Charlotte-Metro region. They thrive from mid-April until the first frost in October. Warm-season grass needs 5-6 hours a day of full sunlight and it does not do well in shaded areas.

Give Your Lawn An Extra Boost With Aeration & Overseeding

A green lawn in front of a home in Fort Mill, SC.

No matter the type of grass your lawn has, it needs a little extra care in certain months of the year. That is why we offer an aeration and overseeding additional package to our fertilizer program. Aeration is the process of loosening up your soil to give your grass roots better access to water, sunlight, and essential nutrients. Overseeding is the process of spreading extra seed throughout your existing lawn to give your bare or thin spots a boost. Overseeding is best done directly after aeration because the seeds will have a better chance of making contact with your soil.

We offer both core and liquid aeration services! Contact us for an aeration quote.

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Our company has 25 years of industry knowledge and educational research, which means we know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive year-round. If you have noticed that your grass is struggling and needs some extra care, call our office today at (704) 822-1625 to set up a consultation for your individualized 7-step fertilization treatment program. Our services are offered to properties in Charlotte, as well as surrounding locations in both NC and SC including Mt. Holly, Belmont, and Fort Mill.