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Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service

Whether you have patches of brown or yellow grass or your entire yard is getting consumed by weeds, you need help from experienced landscapers to keep your lawns looking their best. At RDS Lawn Care Services, we feed and protect your grass better than anyone else.

Whether you need to improve your turf’s nutrition or someone to get rid of pesky invasive weeds, we offer better landscaping for less each week. No matter what areas of concern you still have with your lawns, we offer better maintenance options that prevent you from needing to reseed or install new sod.

Our lawn care solutions remain convenient, affordable, and effective, allowing you to save a ton on weekly scheduled service. When you need to avoid paying higher costs, and you don’t have time to handle it all by yourself, we keep your yards greener each time.

See why more North Carolina and South Carolina residents trust their lawns to us every week. Contact us to schedule your best yard care services today.

Grass Fertilization Services

Eventually, every yard will need to improve soil nutrition to enhance their grass’ growth potential. Over time, rain and irrigation systems will cause nutrients to wash away, while plants can strip the ground of resources over time.

Although you can buy cheap bags of fertilizer at your local hardware store or nursery, most are ineffective. Sitting on the shelves causes it to lose its freshness, while general use fertilizers may not go far enough in feeding your grass.

There is also the issue of using the wrong fertilizer whose chemical compounds can lead to grass dying out from chemical burns and poisoned root systems. Instead, we always have the right solution for any grass type, giving your yards the best growth potential possible for less.

Our unique blend of fertilizer is the ideal choice for Bermuda grass, Fescue, Zoysia, and other turf types. When you need to give your grass the best, you need us servicing your lawns today.

Lawn Weed Control

Unfortunately, improving growing conditions for your grass and plants also helps weeds take off as well. And while it’s nearly impossible to prevent weeds from appearing, you can keep them from taking over your lawns with better service options.

We provide free weed treatment service between your scheduled weekly visits, keeping your lawns safe from harm. Even you spot a weed when we aren’t there, just let us know so we can give your yards another application.

By removing weeds as they appear, we can prevent them from quickly spreading throughout your property. When you don’t give weeds an inch to grow, it keeps your grass and plants safer every month.

Please note that if we are currently seeding your lawns in autumn, we will not use weed control spray as it can prevent new yard growth. When you need the best in affordable weed control for your grass, leave it to RDS Lawn Care Services for better results.

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