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Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service

Our clients love coming home to a healthy, green, and weed free lawn. Many of our clients have struggled with the weekend chore of spending hours on their turf only to see subpar results and the fact of wasted time and money. At RDS Lawn Care Services we find that in many cases we can treat your lawn for the same as it would cost you to run to the local big box store and do it yourself. You won’t necessarily save money trying to do it yourself and your time is valuable. Let us take the hassle of keeping your lawn green and weed free from you and give you your weekends back. Come home to a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood! 

We are going to offer different turf fertilization programs that will fit your needs and your budget. We will never make you sign a contract and you can cancel at anytime. We will earn your business with each visit! 

We communicate better that anyone in our business. We notify our clients before we come and our technicians will notify you when they are finished with a treatment. We leave a sign in each yard we treat letting you and others know that the lawn has been treated. Our technicians take 4-8 pictures of your lawn with each visit. This allows everyone on our team to see your lawn through each season and diagnose problems that may occur from time to time. Our attention to detail is second to none and we have invested thousands of dollars in an operating system that tracks every time we visit your home or talk with you about your lawn.

See why many North Carolina and South Carolina residents trust their lawns to us every week. Contact us to schedule your best yard care services today.

Grass Fertilization Services

We have professional plans geared specifically towards keeping fescue, bermuda, and zoysia turf green and weed free. We have 25 years of industry knowledge and educational research that guides us each day as we maintain grass in the Charlotte, NC region.

Fescue Turf is a cool season grass that is the predominant turf planted in the Charlotte region. It Thrives from September to May and Struggles with the summer heat in June, July, and August. This turf needs annual core aeration and seeding each fall to keep the turf in top shape. This is what is call a bunch grass and does not spread. The only way to improve a bare area is through sod or fall seeding. A good turf plan and proper watering will maintain this turf at a high level 12 months a year. We offer 2 plans that are catered to keeping Fescue lawns green and weed free.

Bermuda and Zoysia are the other two turf grasses that do well in the Charlotte-Metro region. These grasses are warm season turf grasses that thrive from Mid April until the first frost in October. These grasses are what we call spreading grasses and will repair themselves and spread to cover bare areas. These grasses do need 5-6 hours of full sun daily or they will thin out leaving bare areas in the lawn. These grasses do not do well in shady areas. Aeration is highly recommended in the spring/summer season to encourage more, water, air, nutrients, and roots to move deeper in the soil. We do not typically seed these grasses in our plans. We offer 2 plans that are created to keep these grasses green and weed free during the growing season and weed free year round.

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