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Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core Aeration and Overseeding Services

All good fescue lawn programs do fall Core Aeration and Overseeding and all good bermuda and zoysia turf programs do spring and summer Core Aeration. It is the backbone of any good program. Our region has clay soils that compact and need to be loosened each year. We have invested in machines that are built to pull a core plug 3-5” long out of your lawn. Our machines will pull a plug in hardest compacted lawns. Core aeration allows for water, air, nutrients, and plant roots to grow deeper in soil. This will allow for turf to withstand those hot dry summers better than a lawn that doesn’t aerate.

Fall Fescue Core Aeration and Seeding Service

Fall fescue core aeration and seeding is essential to having and maintaining a healthy lawn. We have invested in machines that are designed only for the process of pulling a 3-5” core from the lawn. This allows for more water, nutrients, air, and roots to penetrate deeper in the soil giving your turf plants the best chance for surviving the hot summer heat we experience in the charlotte region.

Fescue Grass Seed

We follow that aeration service with some of the best seed on the market. How can we claim to have the best seed? Easy, we follow a running seed trial performed by NC State that test over 200 varieties of seed. These seeds are tested annually for color, disease resistance, and drought tolerance. Each summer NC State produces a list of the top 20 seeds for that year and we select our seed for the fall off that list. You can’t necessarily run to the local big box store and purchase this seed.


Our fall fertilizer is formulated to encourage root development. A plant’s foundation is its roots system. Without strong roots it can’t mature and keep a deep green color that everyone desires. That’s why we will apply a specially blended fertilizer that most big box stores don’t always offer. 

Spring Bermuda/Zoysia Core Aeration Service

Bermuda and Zoysia turf thrive and grow from Mid April to late October. It is best to aerate these grasses once they have come out of the winter dormant period and are actively growing and need weekly mowing. Proper Core aeration allows for water, air, nutrients, and plant roots to grow deeper in soil. With bermuda and zoysia turf it will also aid in the turf becoming more thick and lush. The core aeration will cut the plants in ½ and encourage them to spread more vigorously. We see a lot of bermuda and zoysia grass planted in new neighborhoods where construction equipment has compacted the soils around the homes. Over 2-3 seasons Core aeration will help improve and relieve compacted soils making for a much more healthy plant. 

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