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Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core Aeration and Overseeding Services

After a few years, your lawns require more than a grass cutter to continue growing better. However, few landscape service providers offer the options your grass and plants need the most.

As time goes by, your grass will begin weaving together much thicker than before, causing growth issues that must get addressed. And nearly every yard has spots where grass has burnt out, and it needs to get filled in quickly.

No matter what your yards require for better growing conditions, you can find it with RDS Lawn Care Services. We assist homeowners with everything that they need for their ideal yards, offered all at the lowest pricing possible.

When you need to go beyond typical landscaping solutions, our team provides the best deals on yard care around. Contact us to maintain your plants for less with experienced landscaping contractors today.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is an advanced landscaping service that not all lawn care companies offer. What it entails is our contractors puncture holes throughout your yard, removing hardened plugs of soil in the process.

When your grass grows together for a long time, it winds up forming a net of grass blades and roots. Once that occurs, it makes it harder for sunlight, water, and oxygen to penetrate the soil.

If that gets ignored for too long, your grass will begin choking itself out. By removing soil plugs, however, it allows your plants to breathe easier and grow better in no time.

If your grass appears to have slowed in growth or you can’t seem to keep it from drooping, then allow us to improve conditions today. We offer fast and affordable core aeration for more yards in the area.

Overseeding Service

Most homeowners know that if you want new replacement grass, you likely need to order sod installation. However, purchasing sod is often expensive, and it requires that you tear up your existing lawn first.

Sod installation also requires extensive preliminary steps as well to treat the soil and balance the chemical composition. Instead, overseeding is a more convenient and affordable option in growing new grass quickly.

By applying more grass seed than you need, it guarantees that growth will take place, while the other seeds often fail to germinate naturally, or birds and animals used them as a snack. When you go the extra distance to grow new grass, it leads to a fuller, lusher lawn quickly.

When you are tired of looking at dead spots of yellow or brown grass, then allow us to improve your lawn’s appearance with quality overseeding services. Contact us to give your yard the best application of new grass seed today.

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