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Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Leave it to us to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy with comprehensive lawn care including services like aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and more!

The 15th most populous city in the nation, Charlotte, NC, is the second-largest city in the entire Southeast region. Incorporated in 1768 by English settlers, it's rumored that the city got its name in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz, a German princess and eventually Queen Consort of Great Britain. This once small town is now bustling with culture, activities, famed southern cuisine, and over 800,000 residents. If you're ever in this metro city and craving some southern BBQ, be sure to visit City BBQ and McKoy's Smokehouse and Saloon. As far as things to do, Charlotte offers endless attractions for tourists such as the Nascar Hall of Fame, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, and the U.S. Whitewater Center. If you're looking to explore the great outdoors, there a number of trails, parks, and skylines to explore in this charming city.

With nearly a million residents in Charlotte, we've helped thousands of residents achieve their lawn goals! Our lawn care services are targeted at the health of grass and soil, which gradually shows in the appearance of the yard as a whole. Services like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding are essential to the health and beauty of a lawn. If you're ready to reach your lawn goals, reach out to our team to have your Charlotte, NC property serviced today!

Our Lawn Care Services

  • Aeration: We offer liquid aeration in the spring for warm-season grass and core aeration in the fall for cool-season grass. Our recommendation is that cool-season grass be aerated bi-annually and warm-season grass annually.
  • Overseeding: For your convenience, our overseeding service is always included in our fall aeration package. We use a premium Fescue blend seed that's scientifically tested by NC state for disease resistance, color, and drought resistance.
  • Fertilization: Our 7-step fertilization program is organic-based and includes a liquid treatment in the fall and a granular treatment as the weather gets warmer.
  • Weed Control: We treat common weeds such as nutsedge, chickweed, annual bluegrass, and knotweed. To keep your lawn weed-free, we'll perform spot treatments in-between visits.
  • Lawn Disease: Brown Patch is a big issue for our Carolina lawns which is why we offer a 3-step fungicide program beginning in April, as a preventive measure. We can also treat brown patch if it's already begun to take over your lawn.
  • Lawn Insects: We target insects like grubs, armyworms, and chinch bugs when performing insect control.
  • New Lawn Seeding: Whether you're building a new house or dealing with irreversible lawn damage, we'll use a premium Fescue seed to grow a lush, green lawn for your property.

Additional Services

Mosquitos are both bothersome and potentially dangerous in the spring and summer months. They bite, hover around, and simply invade your outdoor events and gatherings. Our mosquito control starts in April and is applied every 6 weeks thereafter, for a total of 6 visits per year. We use products that are both registered and approved by the EPA, deeming them safe around kids and pets.

Trees and shrubs need comprehensive care to remain healthy and thrive throughout the year. They may seem big and strong on their own, but they could always use a little extra health boost. Our tree and shrub care program includes 4 visits starting in February and lasting the remainder of the year. During that time we'll fertilize, apply preventative disease treatments, and remove harmful insects for your larger landscape plants.

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We are the experts when it comes to keeping lawns nourished and thriving through the changing weather conditions and up-down temperatures. Our team members are passionate about caring for your grass and landscape plants, from the root up to the actual blades. We've been the leading lawn care company in Charlotte for decades now. Give us a call at (704) 822-1625 to service your property in Charlotte, NC, or a neighboring community today!