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We offer lawn care services including fertilization and insect control to homes and businesses in Belmont, NC.

Serving your neighbors in Belmont with expert lawn care services since 1996!

Tucked in between the Catawba River and the South Fork Catawba River, Belmont, North Carolina is truly where southern charm blossoms. Belmont is named for its beautiful mountains and scenery. This city is full of historical homes, streetlamps, and brick sidewalks that give you a reminder of Belmont's great history. Just west of Charlotte, visitors and locals get the close proximity of the big-city atmosphere matched with Belmont's small-city charm.

Whether you have lived in Belmont for years or are just passing through, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a must-see. It includes large gardens, a woodland trail, fountains, and an orchid conservatory. As lawn care enthusiasts ourselves, this is one of our favorite spots to admire.

Our company is proud to serve the homes and businesses in Belmont. Preserving the natural beauty of its landscape and keeping it healthy, colorful, and strong is our greatest goal. Our lawn care services include fertilization, aeration, lawn disease & insect control, and much more.

Our Lawn Care Services

Aeration & Overseeding

There are a number of reasons why your grass is weak and patchy. One of these reasons can be soil compaction. Our liquid and core aeration service opens up your soil and gives your grass roots better access to sunlight, water, and nutrients. Overseeding is the process of spreading seed throughout your existing lawn to help your grass grow thicker and to cover up balding spots. This service is best paired with aeration so that the seeds have better access to your soil.

Fertilization & Weed Control

We care for your lawn year-round with our 7-step fertilization program. We offer an organic-based fertilizer, as well as both liquid and granular products. Included in this 7-step program are our weed control treatments. We will not only use post-emergents to get rid of the weeds already thriving on your lawn, but we will also prevent them with our pre-emergent applications. Some common weeds in the area include nutsedge, chickweed, and annual bluegrass.

Additional Services

Trees & Shrub Care

Just like your grass and plants need fertilizer and protection from disease and insects, so do your trees and shrubs! Our team is licensed to identify the problem and offer solutions to keep your bigger vegetation healthy year-round.

New Lawn Seeding

There are many reasons your lawn might be full of dirt instead of green grass. Maybe you inherited the lawn like that or maybe you just finished some major home renovations! Either way, we're here to help with our new lawn seeding service. We use high-quality grass seeds tested by NC state to ensure the best growth results for your new lawn.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are no fun to deal with when you are just trying to enjoy your time outdoors. We want to help you spend less time swatting mosquitos away and more time relaxing! Our 6-step mosquito control program uses EPA-approved products to fog your property and deter mosquitos from bothering you and your family.

Lawn Disease & Insect Control

Lawn damage can be caused by a multitude of things. The signs of lawn disease and insect infestations are broad and the average homeowner can easily mistake it for lack of nutrients or water. That is why hiring a professional to identify the problem is the best way to solve it. Our crew sees a lot of brown patch disease and grubs in the Belmont area.

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At RDS Lawn Care, our goal is to keep the lawns throughout Belmont full of bright colors and green grass. We are licensed and ready to create a personalized action plan for your lawn to ensure that it stays healthy year-round and is able to ward off disease and insects. If your residential or commercial lawn in Belmont needs a little help, contact our office at (704) 822-1625. One of our experts will help you decide which service is right for you.