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Our Story 

The owner of RDS Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC.

Names mean a lot in our family so it was only natural for us to choose a strong name for our Landscaping Company. It all started in January of 1996 when my middle brother, Doug, decided to open a landscape business. I was a freshman in college but my brother's new business venture had piqued my curiosity, prompting me to join the team when my second semester had ended. In May of 1966, the sudden death of our eldest brother, Robert Dillard Suttenfield IV, shook the entire family. Tragically, he was the fourth and last in line with the family name which meant the name would end with him. We decided to pay homage to our oldest brother as well as honor the family name by using his initials RDS as our new company name.

As you can imagine, a couple of rookies couldn't know nearly as much as veterans companies in the landscaping industry. We could've gone with the bare minimum of lawn care knowledge but we wanted our clients to trust our knowledge and expertise. That led us to enroll in Central Piedmont Community College and successfully complete their two-year horticulture program. This investment gave us bountiful insights into grass and plants which laid a sturdy foundation that's used to this day. This had started as a family-owned business but my brother was ready for a change of scenery and adventure that awaited him on the west coast. So in 2000, I became the sole owner of RDS and cultivated the company to focus on many different areas of the industry that serviced both residential and commercial properties.

Our company was a jack of all trades but we truly wanted to be the best at a few services rather than just okay at a lot of them. In 2010, we narrowed our niche to a few critical lawn care services paired with exceptional customer service. Our team members always present themselves in a professional manner with branded trucks and uniforms bearing our company logo so it's easy for clients to identify who's approaching their property. All of our lawn care technicians carry the necessary licenses as well as engage in weekly and monthly in-house training meetings. For quality assurance, our technicians take 6-10 pictures of the finished lawn and send them to clients to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We only hire local people which makes it easier for them to diagnose common lawn issues in our area while also helping our community. Speaking of community, we love our city! That is why we are proud sponsors of the children's Mt.Holly Athletic Association which provides our youth with productive and team-oriented fun. We want to set a good example of how to be both friendly and professional for our future leaders. Our company is serious about providing a high level of customer service. We are fortunate to have many clients that trust us to service their home and make their lawn the envy of the neighborhood! We look forward to serving you and your family soon!