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Our story

In January of 1996 my middle brother Doug opened up a landscape business. I was a freshman in college at the time and joined him in the spring after my second semester ended. Our entire family was shaken with the sudden death of our oldest brother that May. Shocked and unsure where life was heading we buckled down and went to work that summer. We are asked many times what does the name RDS stand for? It stands for Robert Dillard Suttenfield IV. Our brother Bobby was the last in the line of Robert Dillard Suttenfields. Realizing that our family name would end with him we decided to honor him and our family by using the his initials RDS as our company name.

As you can imagine we didn’t know much about the lawn care business and it showed. Our clients were patient with us but we decided that if we were going to be successful in the lawn care business we better get some education in the field. So in the fall we enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College and spent the next two years going through their horticulture program. Those classes and that time laid a foundation that I still use each day.

In early 2000 my brother Doug decided that the west coast was calling and a dream of acting and adventure awaited him. We had built a nice little business at the time but if he was going to venture into another field now was the time. From 2000-2010 I built a business that focused on many areas in our industry. Commercial landscape installation, commercial lawn care, residential design/build, residential lawn care, snow removal, and even a small retail garden center. You could say that we were a jack of all trades but a master of none at times. That time would prove invaluable and it allowed for me to realize that a company that provided a select few services could build quality jobs and provide quality services.

In 2010 we narrowed our service offering to a few key residential services. We wanted to be the best at a few services and offer fanatical customer service! We do this each day by responding quickly to estimates, issues, and questions our clients have. We aren’t perfect but we are serious about providing a high level of customer service and because of this we have over a thousand clients that trust us to come to their home and make their lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

Best Regards, 
Aaron Suttenfield

How can we help you?

Here are a few reasons that we provide the best lawn care experience:

No contracts to sign. Cancel your service anytime.


We provide estimates in 24 hours or less.


We earn your business with each visit because we don’t have contracts.


Online bill pay.


We electronically track each crew and the length of time on your property.


Online customer history. Each customer gets a unique login to track their service history.


We answer the phone and respond to each customer.


We actually train our employees.


Our employees are in uniform and easily identified.


Our Core Values


Nothing happens at RDS because of one person. A client or potential client could touch 3 people to add a new service. The office will take the request, a sales person will quote the work, and a technician will provide the service. If we don’t work as a team we will be exposed and our quality of work will drop. If we tried to provide those services with one person it would be virtually impossible to do it in a timely manner. Teamwork and communication is vital in a successful service business. Teamwork with our clients is vital for success in their lawn. Our lawn fertilization technician may only see the lawn 6-7 times per year. If something happens to the lawn during the 45 days we are away we will rely on the client to notify us so that we can address any issues you may have. Teamwork is crucial in all we do.

Quality Driven

We must be quality driven in everything we do. Our appearance, our equipment, our techniques, our products, and the customer service we provide. If we aren’t willing to provide quality then the talk about customer service is cheap and doesn’t mean much. That’s why we don’t rest on our past success we are always looking for new innovations that can improve our process, products, and interactions with our clients.

Client First

Many companies say they put the client first but what does that really mean? At RDS it means that we respond to all phone calls and emails the same business day. We stand behind our work. When a client has been on our fertilization program for 3 visits or more we do free weed treatments between visits. Our technicians are well trained and can answers questions that our clients have. We put the client first by not making them sign a contract for service.


The old adage that respect is earned not given is very true. We believe that respect is necessary for any relationship to be successful. We will work hard to earn our clients respect and our team will show respect to our clients and each other or we will not be successful as a company. There will be times when tough discussion will take place but they will always be done with respect.


Our clients have to trust us if they are going to let us come to their home. As a company we have to trust each member of our team daily. If that trust is ever broken it is very difficult to repair. We build trust through communication, doing what we say, and doing what it takes to get a job done the right way.

We realize that you are busy so we have created a way of doing lawn care that works for you. Contact our office and get your estimate in 24 hours or less, schedule your service, and then sit back and let the RDS Lawn Care Team do the rest. You will have a green, weed free, and well manicured lawn without having to lift a finger. Contact us to begin receiving the best lawn care experience today!

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